How to Choose the Right Vape Starter Kit for You

How to Choose the Right Vape Starter Kit for You

Choosing a vape starter kit. It's like being a kid in a candy store for the first time, right? 

When you go to a vape store, do you feel overwhelmed because there are so many different things to choose from and you don't know where to start?

Well, you're not alone. There's a wide range of options, and we're not surprised that you're not sure where to start.

Vaping has become hugely popular. Design innovation is creating new products all the time to meet demand.

Looking at descriptions of the latest vape devices features is a lot like reading the tech specs of mobile phones and computers.

There's no reason to stress about it, though. You've hit the sweet spot by landing on the Honeypot site. We'll unpack all the info for you in this guide on how to choose the right vape.

Naming of Parts

A good first step is to get to know what the different parts of a vape pen are called and what their function is. It makes shopping easier! Later, we'll talk about other vape devices. So, here goes:


You inhale through this part. Some vapes come with a cap, which protects the mouthpiece and keeps it clean. Puffing on it triggers the vaporizer that converts the e-liquid into billows of vapor.

Tank or Chamber

The chamber is where the e-liquid, or juice, goes. Tanks, or chambers, are made out of polycarbonate plastic, glass, or stainless steel.


The vaporizer, sometimes called an atomizer, is a small heating element. It generates heat for vaporization to occur. The heating element part is replaceable and mostly referred to as a coil.


The tank and vaporizer together are called the cartridge.


A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides power for the heating element in the vaporizer. The battery usually unscrews from the cartridge and can be recharged by screwing it into a USB charger.

Most vaper starter kits have a built-in battery in the vape pen or mod. Most beginner vapers love it because it’s simpler.

That said, batteries are affordable and offer flexibility. If you run into any issues, all you have to do is buy new batteries rather than a whole new device. And spare charged batteries are useful if you're on the move a lot.


Most batteries have a button, which serves various purposes. It tells you when your battery is fully charged and can be removed from the USB charger. You also press the button for a couple of seconds, or several times, depending on the model, to heat up the vaporizer.

So, those are the functions in a nutshell.

Some vapes have notable features, such as battery longevity, and variable temperature settings for the vaporizer. Discussing such detail can be left to the more experienced vape connoisseurs for the time being.

Let's move on to the starter-kits that we would recommend for those new to vaping, and talk about what to look out for in vape starter kits.

How to Choose the Right Vape

First up, you need to establish what is supposed to be included in a vape kit.

A vape starter kit is simply a pack that contains most of the things you need to start vaping. A kit will always contain:

  • a vape pen, or vape mod (more about what vape mods below),
  • a battery, and
  • some sort of vaporizer

Generally, a vape starter kit also includes

  • spare coils (heating elements) for the tank, and
  • a USB charger for the battery.

The vape starter kit doesn't often include e-liquid. E-liquid is usually sold separately.

Two popular choices when new to the vaping game are e-cigarettes, also called vape pens, and vape mods.

Vape Pens/E-cigarettes

Bottom line: vape pen starter kit + e-liquid = you're good to go!

Vape mods

A vape mod is a device that is based on the same principles as a vape pen, but it has been enhanced or modified (hence "mod") to incorporate advanced features.

Some vape mod kits include a device that will need a separate battery (or two batteries). Most times, batteries are not included as a standard feature in vape mod kits.

And Then There's the JUUL

JUUL is a proprietary vaporizer that is compact and easy to carry around in your pocket. To use it you simply put a pre-filled pod into the top of the device and you’re ready to vape!

JUUL vapes use a nicotine salt formula in their pod refills. Nicotine salts are found in tobacco leaves. They are absorbed into the body much more quickly than the freebase nicotine normally used in vape juice.

In short, it gives you a very similar sensation to smoking an ordinary, traditional cigarette. Vaping JUUL pods gives you a smooth draw and won't leave you with the scratchy feeling in your throat that you get from some high-nicotine e-liquids

JUUL pioneered in the use of nicotine salts and has also been at the forefront of the pod mod revolution. Pod mods like the JUUL have taken the e-cigarette one step further.

They combine the convenience of pre-filled pods with the performance of refillable vape pens. Each pod contains 0.7ml e-liquid and a coil. When you finish one pod, all you do is insert another, and you can carry on vaping.

The Main Thing

When starting out, the main thing to consider is whether you want something simpler or a high-performance device that involves more maintenance.

Note that you can also buy spare tanks, coils, batteries, and chargers for vape pens and mods. Our Niagara Fall dispensary will be happy to suggest the most practical purchases, depending on your choice of starter kit.

Price Range

The old saying that you get what you pay for applies to vape starter kits too. A cheap kit is unlikely to rate highly on either performance or reliability. Doing some research and checking reputable online reviews is one way to find a really good vape starter kit without spending too much.

Another way is to chat with us at the Niagara Falls Honeypot Smokeshop. It's pretty much guaranteed that we'll find the best vape starter kit to match what you have in mind. We regularly have sales on selected items and you might want to keep your eye out for bargains.


Our dispensary and online shop have stacks of different brands and a whole bunch of e-liquid flavors to choose from. 

In the US alone, some 460 online vape brands currently sell over 7,700 vape juice flavors. New brands and flavors are springing up all the time, sparking a startling economic growth trend rarely seen in commerce. Perhaps more amazing than those figures are the imaginative names given to e-liquid flavors.

Although not required by law, most brands list the vape juice ingredients on the label. That way you can know at a glance what quantities of THC, CBD, CBN or nicotine each e-liquid has. Our vape dispensary is happy to decipher these labels for you so that you can select something that you'll like.

There's More, Much More

Sure, we can say;

Vape pen starter kit + e-liquid = you're good to go!

But there's more, so much more.

The vaping world is expansive. Other possibilities include dry herb vaporizers, wax dab rigs, and wax vapes. You might want to try these at some point in the future.

For the moment, though, we hope that we have sweetened your life with these notes on how to choose the right vape starter kit.

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