Randy’s Path 2-in-1 Electronic Nectar Collector Vaporizer

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Create your own Path with the first of its kind, 2-in-1 Nectar Collector Vaporizer from Randy’s that doubles as a convenient 510-threaded battery for use with pre-filled cartridges! Randy’s Path is a multi-function vaporizer pen built to deliver smooth hits of your favorite wax concentrates no matter what form they come in. This electronic nectar collector works like any other honey collector or concentrate straw, except without the need for a torch! Simply dip the heated quartz tip into any desired wax or oil and draw from the opposite end. Your vapor will pass through the Path’s body and instantly produce flavorful & potent hits wherever life may take you. 

The Randy’s Path Vaporizer offers total control over the intensity of your vapor profiles using single button controls to toggle through the variable voltage heat settings. The 3 preset temperature settings (3.2v, 3.6v, 4.1v) make the Path great for vaporizing any number of concentrates at any viscosity, and are indicated by colored LED lights around the power button. Lower temperature settings, like the 3.2v, are best for flavor-savors or even beginners who might not enjoy blowing huge clouds of vapor right away. Higher temperatures such as the 4.1v, are powerful enough for even the most professional dabber. No matter what temperature you choose, the Randy’s Path is an excellent choice for elevating your dabbing experience to the next level. 

The Randy’s Path Vaporizer features an ergonomic body with a sleek black finish, providing the power to vape your waxes and oils without the need for a big bulky rig. This innovative vaporizer pen is the most simple and convenient way to dab, effectively eliminating the need for any loading, and doing away with the large, messy dab stations associated with wax concentrates. The Path is small enough to slide right into your pockets when on the go, and includes a durable cover that protects the quartz tip when not in use. Snag the award-winning, game-changing Randy’s Path Vaporizer today and start enjoying your concentrates with all the intensity of a dab rig, but with the reliable portability of a vaporizer pen. 

How to Use:

To Turn On/Off: 5 Rapid Clicks
To Change Heat Settings: 2 Rapid Clicks
To Preheat Cartridges: 3 Rapid Clicks 
Full Battery: Blue Light
Low Battery: 8 Red Flashes

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