Frosted Glass Balloon Kit - Extreme Q

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This product is a kit of balloons, used to replace the original balloons included with the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. This kit comes with four replacement balloons and two glass mouthpieces, including the small O-rings needed to secure the balloons to the mouthpieces. Please note that this does not include the short whip that is used in conjunction with the balloons to connect them to the Cyclone Bowls.


  • Arizer Extreme Q

Package Contents

  • 4 x balloons
  • 2 x glass mouthpieces ( with O-rings )


  1. Remove the glass mouthpiece from the balloon.
  2. Soak mouthpiece in diluted ZEUS Purify Cleaner for about 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Dry mouthpiece completely before reassembling balloon
  5. Balloons should be replaced about once a month, depending on use, or when the flavour and quality of the vapor are compromised by residue build up inside the balloon.

How To Replace

  1. Slip one O-ring around the glass mouthpiece, and place it between the two outer glass rings.
  2. Gather the bag opening tightly, but do not twist it. Place the other O-ring around the bag opening and roll it down around the bag about one inch. Fold or fan the bag back until you can see the center opening inside the O-ring.
  3. Once you have located the opening of the bag, slide the mouthpiece straight and slowly into the bag, taking care not to rip the bag. Pull or slip the O-ring and bag over one of the outer glass rings of the mouthpiece so that it rests in the middle of both rings.
  4. Fold the bag flap back and slip the O-ring from step one over the bag and the glass ring.
  5. The bag should now be securely attached to the mouthpiece.

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